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"They have been very helpful with my strengthening my legs and working on improving my balance. The staff is patient, personable, and very knowledgeable."

- Kenneth Martin

"I really appreciate this place. They are so friendly and kind in all they do. Willing to go the last mile. They explain everything so thoroughly and help me understand why I have pain. This week I had a "sore" pain and I thought it wasn't helping me and then he tested me again and everything is up in numbers and explained what my pain was from. I feel so much better."

- Shirley McCabe

"I have been coming to Blair Regenerative Medicine for about a month. Since coming here my neuropathy in my feet and legs has improved with the help of dry needling. The pain in my back has diminished and my balance has improved. I have noticed improvements in areas that I did not realize that I was even having a problem with. I highly recommend their services and their very professional and friendly staff."

- Connie Millward

"I have been in therapy for a couple weeks. I have seen a difference in my strength in my legs and knees. The staff here are great! They care about you. My experience has been awesome."

- Deb Tutko

"Improved my balance. My legs are stronger. I feel better when walking. Very little pain in knees. The staff and therapist were very helpful. I'd recommend them to others. Good exercise program."

- William Hawkins

"I am so thankful for all the care that I am getting. I am moving better and starting to feel stronger and walking better. So very excited to see how far this will take me. The staff is wonderful, caring and very professional. I would advise anyone who needs help with pain and movement to give this a try. You won't be sorry, so very pleased!"

- Colleen Zaman

"Blair Regenerative Medicine has and is a "God send" to my husband's and my health. Physically, Joe has gained the strength and balance to move throughout the home without my assistance. He has accomplished such a simple task as walking by himself to the truck. Something we take for granted in our daily routines.

Lauren, Garrett, and Justin have worked with Joe and I with such expertise, that we feel confident of their treatment plans for us. They have worked with us to gain more range of motion so that we can start to "live" again. We are treated like family, everyone there cares about our well being. We are not going anywhere else, and we have been to other therapy centers.

Dr. Warner, you have built a great team even down to Jenna, "your dry needle gal", to your office manager Susan. You have an exceptional practice built on kindness, knowledge, and the love of their abilities to get us pain free."

- Theresa Smith & Joseph Smith

"I am very happy with the Human Cell Tissue Product. I no longer have as much pain and am seeing results. Am glad I came here. If wondering about cost, the thought of the quality of my life before makes it worthwhile. I had no quailty and now I can look forward to a much better quality of life. Improvement every day! Thank you!"

- Debra Westover

"I highly recommend Blair Regenerative Medicine. I was desperate, nothing was helping me. Many specialists, many tests done and no relief as a matter of fact I was getting worse. First day I walked into the office I was using a wheeled walker. After 24 visits I walked out with only my cane. I cannot say how pleased I am with my progress. The staff is amazing, caring, thoughtful, and fun. It makes it so much easier to get through the process. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for giving me my life back. I feel like a new person. If anyone has neuropathy and needs help, Please don't give up. Call them and I am living proof they can help. Thank you Lauren, Garrett, Justin, Jenna, Dr. Warner and Sue. For everything."

- Robin B.


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