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Are you on a search for the best chiropractor in Duncansville? Picking the perfect provider can be a tricky decision. At Blair Regenerative Medicine located at 1381 Plank Road #102 in Duncansville PA we know that educating potential patients is imperative to their success through chiropractic. Your Duncansville chiropractors wrote this article to offer information on how we can help you. This website was designed in order to show the Duncansville community what our Blair Regenerative Medicine team can do.

Blair Regenerative Medicine

The majority of people in Duncansville assume chiropractic care is only for back pain. This is a common misconception as the origin of chiropractic care did not even revolve around back pain. The first patient of chiropractic was deaf and an adjustment was used to restore his hearing. The founder of chiropractic, DD Palmer, knew that releasing pressure from nerves of affected areas could help a variety of conditions. This thought drove him to study the human body and turn his ideas into the modern field of chiropractic.


You Receive a Comprehensive Initial Consultation


Examination Is Performed And Diagnostic Tests Are Ordered


Exam And Test Results Are Reviewed And Plan Recommended


A Natural And Conservative Approach Is Taken


You Enjoy A Healthy, High-Quality Life


    Chiropractic care is ideal for people experiencing chronic pain or those that suffered an injury. Chiropractic care can benefit a wide variety of issues. People that are thought of as “healthy” can still find the benefits of chiropractic care with regular visits. Life takes a toll on all of our bodies. Day to day activities put more stress on the body than one knows. Following a personalized adjustment plan at Blair Regenerative Medicine will help your body operate at its highest efficiency.

    Frequent chiropractic adjustments will benefit anyone. Chiropractic care ensures the body is aligned and allows the nervous system to function at its highest capacity. A properly functioning nervous system promotes faster healing and allows you to continue living an active, healthy life. The spine is home to a tunnel of messages. The brain uses the spinal column to share these messages with the rest of the body. It is essential to have a properly aligned spine in order for these messages to be sent efficiently. Blair Regenerative Medicine will make sure you are at optimal health through regular chiropractic care.

  • Science Behind Chiropractic Care

    Many people will ask the “how” and “why” questions. This short summary will help explain the science behind why chiropractic works. Chiropractic care allows joints to move more freely and is able to reduce pain in musculoskeletal structures throughout the body.

    Ligaments, joints, muscles, joint capsules and myofascial tissues are all included in the musculoskeletal system. The suppressing of the fight or flight system (sympathetic nervous system) along with the stimulation of the rest and repair system (parasympathetic nervous system) are used to help benefit the autonomic nervous system.

    These systems are benefited through the adjustments a chiropractor makes. Adjustments affect the joint capsules and a mechanism that is able to sense where one is in a space (proprioception mechanism). The tissues around the joint (periarticular tissues) and the receptors that offer information about mechanical changes in the body (mechanoreceptors) are also affected in the process.

    Although this can be complex to understand, it explains why patients see an improvement in more than just musculoskeletal conditions. This can also help explain why people that do not experience pain still report an overall health benefit from chiropractic care.